Internship Program

Sabah Credit Corporation provides Internship Program to all Malaysian students from institutes of higher learning. The trainees maybe placed in any offices of Sabah Credit Corporation located throughout Sabah.

Training provided include but not limited to job skills such as Leadership development and sharing of quality practices in a real working environment. They will be exposed to working challenges emphasizing on teamwork, discipline, soft and social skills.


  1. Diploma or degree level
  2. 10 weeks to 6 months duration
  3. On-Job-Training must be on full-time basis
  4. Attendance is expected to be 100%

Facilities Provided:-

  1. Monthly allowance is provided
  2. Hostels available at HQ (strictly on first come basis) and other DCC offices

All applications must be submitted through the colleges/universities together with their resume and latest academic transcripts. Enquiries or online applications can be forwarded to Ms. Celestina Yunus at