Features of Youth & Entrepreneur Loan Scheme (YELS)

Loan Amount

Maximum loan amount up to RM250,000 *

* Subject to terms and conditions

Simple & Flexible

Flexible loan withdrawal
Lump sum;
Multiple withdrawals

Profit Rate

3.0% per annum

1) What is YELS?

YELS is a new loan portfolio to provide financing facility to the youth & entrepreneur in Sabah.

2) Advantages of YELS?
  • Fixed rate;

  • Easy and fast approval;

  • Flexible loan withdrawal - Lump sum or Multiple withdrawals;

  • Low monthly repayment;

  • Financing tenure up to 8 years;

  • Covered by Life Insurance.

  • Malaysian citizens aged 21 to 60 years at the time of application and not more than 65 years at the end of repayment period.

  • Applicant who have an existing business in Sabah that is not less than one year of operation.

  • Registration fee of RM50

  • Certified copy of identification card and birth certificate of applicant and guarantor

  • Proof of income for both applicant and guarantor income: income slip, tax income, statement savings account and etc

  • Working paper including the business cash flow analysis

  • Copy of land title and valuation report (for application amount of RM101,000 and above)

  • Certified copy of identification card and birth certificate of landlord

  • Business / Trading license / relevant certificates

  • Lease agreement of business premise (if rented)

  • Utility bill of business premise

  • Form, 9, 24, 44 dan 49 *

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association *

  • Certified copy of identification card of all shareholders *

  • J form for all shareholders *

  • Board Resolution to apply loan from SCC *

  • Audited accounts (latest 3 years) *

  • Company profile - background and experienced of each company's management team *

* Other documents required under Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) loan application

  • Debit Langsung (direct debit)

  • JomPAY

  • Sabah Pay

  • Standing Instruction

  • Online Banking

  • Cash payment over the counter