The Incorporation

In June 15 1955, the North Borneo Credit Corporation (NBCC) was incorporated under the Credit Corporation Ordinance No. 1 of 1955. NBCC commenced operations with a launching grant of $1 million from part of the Japanese Compensation Fund. NBCC was then under British Colonial Administration and was manned with a grain staff strength of four.

In 1972, the North Borneo Credit Corporation (NBCC) was renamed Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC).

In 1981, the Ordinance was replaced by the State Enactment No. 22 of 1981. From then on, the activities of the Corporation are governed by this Enactment.


The Corporation is a statutory body fully owned by the Sabah State Government in Malaysia and operates under the purview of the Sabah State Ministry of Finance.

Objectives & Functions

The primary objective of the Corporation is to help contribute towards the socio-economic development of the State of Sabah. In its capacity as a financial institution, the Corporation complements the Sabah State Government's efforts by providing or facilitating financial credits to promote and encourage private investment involving agriculture, light industry, development of rural and urban housing, shophouses and public utilities and amenities.

SCC's Organisational Chart

Vision & Mission


"To Make a Difference "

(By contributing to the State's Economic & Social Agenda).


In order to support the above vision, Sabah Credit Corporation has identified 5 keys strategies :

  • To improve asset quality
  • To improve leadership and accountability
  • To contribute to environmental improvement
  • To provide easy financing to small businesses
  • To help the less fortunate

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide quality services to our customer by fulfilling their needs with Professional, Caring & Courteous, that is achieved through continuous improvement in the Quality Management System for ensuring organisation excellence.

Client's Charter

  • To provide courteous and prompt services.
  • To reply all letters within 3 working days upon receipt.
  • Loan/Financing Approval:
    • Bai-Inah Financing (3 working days upon receipt)
    • Other Loans/Financing (14 working days)
    • Loans/Financing Requiring BOD Approval (30 working days from date of registration).
  • To ensure all cheques release to the customer within 3 working days from the date of requisition form received.
  • To return security/documents to the owner within 7 working days after the loan/financing settle in full.
  • To take action on all customers complaints received within 3 working days upon receipt.

Financial Performance

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Quality Recognitions

Financial Management Excellence Award Based On Accountability Index - 2015

Sabah State Secretary Innovation Award - 2013

Financial Management Innovation Award State of Sabah - 2013

Financial Management Excellence Award Based On Accountability Index - 2012

Best Financial Management Award State of Sabah - 2010

Sabah State Government Best Website - 2008,2010

Champion, Sabah Government Website Competition (In-House) - 2010

Financial Management Excellence Award Based On Accountability Index - 2009

MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Registration Certificate

Chief Secretary to the Government Quality Award (Malaysia) - 2004

Chief Minister's Quality Award (Sabah) - 2004

Human Resource Management Quality Award (Sabah) - 2003

Financial Management Quality Award (Sabah) - 2002

Information Technology Quality Award (Sabah) - 2002

Human Resource Management Quality Award (Sabah) - 2000

Counter Management Quality Award (Sabah) - 1999

Information Technology Quality Award (Sabah) - 1997

Financial Management Quality Award (Sabah) - 1996

Champion, State Civil Service Choir Competition (Sabah) - 2000,2001,2003,2004

Champion, State Civil Service Choir Competition (Sabah) - 2005